Making the Most of Your Campus Time

Making the Most of Your Campus Time As a campus student, there is a lot of time in your hands besides classwork. Essentially, the campus stage presents you with a lot of time and opportunities, which would spring you to a great life ahead when leveraged. Conventionally, the first thought that comes into mind when […]

This formula will help you grasp whatever you learn with ease.

This formula will help you grasp whatever you learn with ease. “Always remember what you have learned. Your education is your life—guard it well. ” (Proverbs 4:13, Good News Translation). Education is among the basic tools to a good life. With education, one develops skills that can be utilized for life improvement. Money and possessions […]


Execution Wow! It’s been a while! First things first, Happy New Year and Happy New Month! Away from the niceties and into the central theme of this article. So, today I would like to handle a critical matter, that is, execution. I felt the urge to begin my writing this year with an important subject […]

Teach him…

Teach him… Abraham Lincoln’s letter to his teacher’s son acts as an eye opener to any human being. It introduces one to the journey of life. I bet as you go through the letter you will tend to see your life through the words. Here is the letter: My son starts school today. It is […]

Be Aware…

Be Aware… It was back in 2004. I was in primary school. It was the second term and music festivals were around the corner. The music teachers made efforts to train us hard. We worked under the rule of the army, ‘train hard to fight easy’. I was in the boys set piece. We were […]