Your mind’s power is LIMITLESS‚Ķ

I am an avid follower of TED Talks. This ritual was enhanced more recently due to the fact that Capital FM Kenya airs TED Talks Radio edition each Thursday from 10p.m to 11p.m with repeats on Sunday at the same time.



As I was making a follow up on past episodes, I happened to come across one where a young boy by the name Richard Turere from the Maasai community came up with an invention to outsmart lions which had been a nuisance to his community.



His invention was born when one morning he woke up and found that their only bull had been killed by a lion. He hated lions to death. At first, he used fire to scare away the lions at night only to find out that it aided them on their mission to attack the livestock in the shed. Secondly, he tried using a scarecrow but the lions were clever since they realized that it was stationary. Then one night he decided to take a walk around the cow shed using a torch and to his surprise, the lions did not come.

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It was on that night that he made the discovery that lions are afraid of moving light. Using an old car battery, an indicator box from a motorcycle, a solar panel, and bulbs from obsolete flashlights he implemented his idea. The working mechanism is as follows: The solar panel charges the car battery from which the indicator box is connected. The light bulbs are connected from the indicator box. The indicator box enables the light bulbs to flash on and off. He then set up the system at his home and since then, his family has known peace.

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set up

As a result of this simple invention, he was lucky to get a scholarship to study at Brookhouse International School which is among the best and most prestigious schools in Kenya. As a young boy grazing livestock in the fields, he used to watch planes fly high up in the sky and he used to tell himself that one day he will board one. His chance to board one came when he was invited to give a talk about his invention on TED. You can have a look at his talk in the video below:


Richard’s amazing story serves to remind us that there is always an opportunity in the midst of our challenges. We should always make it a point to try and discover what is hidden within the challenges that we encounter. Many inventions and success stories around the world were born out of a problem. Your mind’s power is indeed LIMITLESS.


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