Top Trusted Job Websites in Kenya

The modern world is heavily reliant on the internet. Even the job hunting process is now online. Gone are the days whereby organizations required prospective job seekers to send hard copy documents when making job applications. Currently, most if not all organizations use job listing websites for advertising vacancies. The reasons for increased use of the job sites are their efficiency and convenience. Essentially, the job seekers can review the job requirements faster as and when they are posted. Various job sites are crucial in enabling those seeking internships, graduate trainee programs, and entry-level jobs to find vacancies easily. Here are some of the best Job sites in Kenya as of 2021.

  1. Brighter Monday

2. Fuzu

3. Career Point Kenya

4. Job Web Kenya

5. Recours 4 Kenya

6. My Job Mag

7. Campoe Kenya

Have a fruitful job hunt, won’t you?

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