The Birth of a Dream…

It has always been my dream to write. As a young kid growing up, I had a passion for reading anything that came my way. This passion seemed like an obsession to an extent that I began reading materials that were beyond my level of study. Today, I am proud to say that I have no regrets about having the tendency to read contents of materials that were way beyond my level of study because this helped me acquire a lot of general knowledge which has enabled me to ‘survive’ well in the world of academics.

If you happen to ask your friends or any other random person what is contained in their bucket list, there is a high probability that majority of them will tell you that they would like to write a book before they die. More often than not, a few people end up fulfilling this wish. The reason for this is that we are all striving to live a life that has no pressure, a stress-free life where we are under no pressure to deliver.

As I write this post, I cannot help but remember what inspired me to write a short story that will later form part of my first anthology. It was during the lowest point of my life last year that I got the inspiration to write the story. Campus comrades, more specifically the third years, will understand how hard it is to obtain an attachment in the capital especially if you do not have ‘connections’. What inspired me to write the story is that I had missed out on internship opportunities in town and this gave me a lot of stress that I ended up developing gastritis+ulcers. I became very sick till the doctor who examined me used the phrase hali mahututi to describe my condition. Time was running out and I had not found a place where I could get attached as an intern. At last, a chance came forth and I was required to go back home to get attached at a certain tea estate.

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I must say that experiences I encountered as an intern humbled me. I was so low and in desperate need of motivation and inspiration. It was at this moment where I was almost giving up on everything that the thought of writing about the internship experience came. At first, I was so confused and could not just make up my mind of how the story was going to flow. What gave birth to my dream of writing was the moment I was under internship in the fields. Here, I got a chance to interact with the tea pluckers who all came from a humble background. Upon hearing their kaheshes and mucenes, I managed to get the content to my story. I decided that the title of the story was going to be The Estate. You can get a chance to read the story by clicking on the link below:

NB: The encounters contained therein are based on true events that actually took place during my internship.

At this point, I would like to give a food for thought. What really inspires you to do things that you love doing? If you got the answer to this question, then please apply the same driving force in other areas and aspects of your life. As for me, it was during the lowest moment of my life that I found the motivation and inspiration to write the first story to my first ever anthology. As I conclude, I would like to share a quote shown below to motivate and inspire you.


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