I’LL TREAT MYSELF. I’ll treat myself to something special today. I value myself enough to do nice things for myself. Self-denial is great when used for the sake of others, but never as a reflection of my worth. Therefore, I will do something pleasurable just for me. Victor Kanyanga

Aug 15: I am a PEOPLE MAGNET

I AM A PEOPLE MAGNET. I am a people magnet. I attract fabulous, wealth-building individuals to myself. I learn from everyone and everyone learns from me. Victor Kanyanga

Aug 12: I am a person of PASSION..

I AM A PERSON OF PASSION. I am a person of passion and commitment. I succeed because I am dedicated to achievement. I reject mediocrity and am willing to stick with things until I prosper because I am so passionate about myself and my potential. Victor Kanyanga

Aug 11: Nobody’s Perfect…

NOBODY’S PERFECT. Nobody’s perfect – myself included. Everyone has flaws and problems. I accept myself, my body, my imperfections and all. I fix those things I can and embrace those things that are outside of my control. I love and accept myself. Victor Kanyanga