Aug 31: I don’t SWEAT the SMALL stuff..

I DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF. I don’t sweat the small stuff and it’s all small stuff. These are two essential rules of Successibility Thinking. I have an amazing resilience. I see life, problems, and challenges for what they are. I am not easily toppled. I can handle life. I am a person of great […]


I INVEST IN MYSELF. I am worth it. My personal development is very important in my life. Unlike the masses, I do not quiver at the thought of monetary or time investments. I can handle the investment phase in order to reap the benefit phase later. Like a champion athlete who trains relentlessly, I too, […]

Aug 23: I am a GIVER

I AM A GIVER. I give to others that which I have abundantly received. To keep what I have I must give it away. I am a grateful person. I have received much in life and will now pass some of it back to others. Victor Kanyanga


TODAY MAY BE MY LAST. Today may be my last. Therefore, I will live it so. I know what’s really important to me in life. I value relationships. I put income, possessions, career, and even success in proper perspective. I live my life for what is important, not for what is urgent. Victor Kanyanga

Embrace the goodness of this day…

Embrace the goodness of this day. Embrace the possibilities that exist right now. Your life has unique value, and there’s much you can do today to express that value. Your life has great potential, and there’s much you can do right now to fulfill that potential. Take the challenges, distractions, interruptions and disappointments in stride. […]

Change your thoughts….

Image Credits: To change a behavior you must first change the thought that produced the behavior itself. You only take certain actions based on the thoughts you hold about yourself. If you find and change those thoughts you change the behavior. Remember: Credits: