Hiatus Wow! Just wow! What a while it has been! Sincerely, I missed blogging. It has almost been a year since I last composed a blog post (314 days to be precise). Well, I attribute it to a hiatus, a hiatus pegged with many factors: work, travel, reading, business, and worse of it all – […]


I FOCUS ON SUCCESS. There really isn’t such a thing as failure. My belief is I learn and grow with every event in life. I succeed because I develop. Success is an attitude, not an action. It’s an outlook, a mindset and I possess it, right here and now. Victor Kanyanga

Aug 7: I am a POSITIVE self-talker…

I AM A POSITIVE SELF-TALKER. I am a positive self-talker. I appreciate myself. I say things to myself that build me up. I have many strengths, abilities and qualities. This is what I chose to focus on. Image Credits: http://www.lovethispic.com/image/27606/morning-positivity Victor Kanyanga