Time and again, we have always been told that our goals and/or objectives need to be SMART:


In the recent past, firms are being faced with the challenge of ensuring that their activities are in line with a certain code of conduct. In this code of conduct, ethics is always the underlying issue that is of importance. However, from time to time, firms have always gone against their code of conducts to achieve certain goals and objectives. This usually means that ethics is ignored so that the firm easily achieves its objectives. In as much as these set goals and/or objectives are SMART, they ignore the ethical part of the activities that will be undertaken in order to achieve them. Moreover, the set objectives are usually not recorded using methods that may stand the test of time from generation to generation.

During my second last class in campus, our Business Policy and Strategic Planning lecturer introduced us to a new way of composing goals and/or objectives. He told us that firms these days go a long way in ensuring that their objectives are SMARTER:


In November 2015, H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta directed all firms in Kenya seeking to do business with both the National and County governments need to sign a code of ethics. For more details on this directive, click on the link below:


This means that as firms conduct their businesses, they need to resist any form of unethical conduct. This starts by setting goals and/or objectives that are SMARTER. SMARTER goals and/or objectives ensure that the firms are efficient and effective in their operations. This is due to the fact that SMARTER goals and/or objectives are often simple and clear. In addition, they ensure that the employees work smarter and not harder.

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