Are the things you are doing today moving you in the direction you intend to go? Are your actions drawing you closer to fulfillment of your dreams?

If so, be thankful for the choices you have made, and add the extra energy of that gratitude to the efforts you are already making. If not, stop whatever you are doing and turn yourself instead, right now, in the direction you wish to go.

Look honestly at where your current actions are taking you. Make sure it is where you want to go.

Vision is crucial, yet fulfillment is more than just having a vision. Fulfillment means working that vision into reality, day after day, task after task, without fail, without letting up.

The life you desire can be yours, but it won’t just come to you. That is because the value of that life is not in having it, but in creating it.

Right now is when you make it happen. Right now is when you make the vision real.



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