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Take a look at these 26 simple pieces of advice. True, some of them you may not agree with, but we promise you there’s a lot here that will help you find peace of mind, food for thought, and above all, the potential to find the path to happiness.

  1. Money is never wasted if you use it to have fun.
  2. If you like someone, just tell them about it. What have you got to lose?
  3. Live your life today, because yesterday’s gone, and there may not be a tomorrow.
  4. If something isn’t clear, ask for an explanation.
  5. If you want company, send an invitation.
  6. If you want something, ask for it.
  7. Avoid arguments when agreement can be reached.
  8. If you want to be understood, explain.
  9. If you’re guilty, own up and don’t look for excuses.
  10. Always remember that everyone has their own truth, and it often doesn’t coincide with yours.
  11. Avoid contact with fools.
  12. The main thing in life is love, everything else is vanity.
  13. Your problems are only in your head.
  14. The world around us is neither good nor bad, it doesn’t care whether you’re there or not.
  15. Try to take pleasure in everything that happens to you during your life.
  16. Always remember that you won’t have another life.
  17. Don’t be a pain in the neck!
  18. Don’t waste your time watching TV, it’s essentially a box invented for idiots.
  19. Remember that you owe no one anything.
  20. Remember that no one owes you anything.
  21. Don’t waste your time on politics, it will only make you bitter.
  22. There’s only one person you can rely on in this life — yourself.
  23. Believe not in promises but your own feelings.
  24. Always be patient and a little indulgent towards children.
  25. If you’re in a bad mood, think about the fact that when you leave this world, you won’t be in any mood at all.
  26. Always remember that today could be the best day of your life.
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Still questioning the above tips? I bet not….

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