Kenya Revenue Authority Industrial Attachment Opportunities between May and July 2021

In support of the Government’s Youth Initiative to develop a pool of young talent for the Kenyan Labour Market, KRA is seeking applications from continuing Bachelor’s Degree students for its three (3) months (May to July 2021) Industrial Attachment programme.

Times Tower, KRA National Office Headquarters located along Haile Selassie Avenue, Nairobi (Image Credits:

The programme aims at providing the Youth an opportunity to acquire practical aspects of their respective areas of specialization in partial fulfillment of their degree programme. The opportunities are open within the various Support Services departments of the Authority in the following disciplines:


Please Note:

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Please note that KRA is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Application Guidelines

Application process:

To view the open job postings click on the tab ‘Employment Registration:

  1. Go to and then click on the ‘Register’ button to start the application process.
  2. After registration, you will receive an email enabling you to confirm your email address and complete your registration.

Log on:

  1. After registration go to
  2. Key in your username and password then click on ‘Log in’ to access your account.
  3. After successful log in, the system will open the ‘Applicant Cockpit’.

Candidate Profile (To create or update applicant detail):

  1. On the ‘Applicant Cockpit’ page, go to the tab ‘Candidate Profile’.
  2. Click on ‘My Profile’ to create and update your profile.
  3. Follow the instructions to complete your profile.
  4. The process will end by clicking the tab ‘Overview and Release’.
  5. Ensure you click the check box on the page to complete the profile.

Opportunities’ on the ‘Applicant Cockpit’ page.

  1. Under the heading ‘Job Search’ click the ‘Start’ button to view all available vacancies.
  2. Click on the Job posting to display the details of the Industrial Attachment position.
  3. To apply for the position, click ‘Apply’ button at the top of the page.
  4. Follow the instructions to complete and submit your application.
  5. Kindly note that all mandatory fields must be completed.
  6. To complete the process of application, click the ‘Send Application Now’ button after reviewing and accepting the ‘Data Privacy Statement’.

In case of any challenge or issues, please send an email query to Tel. 0709-01-1000

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