According to Joseph Murphy, the author of The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, a newborn baby has only two basic fears, the fear of falling and the fear of sudden loud noises. This means that we are all born with two basic fears and these fears are perfectly normal. All the other forms of fear are abnormal. They were caused by particular experiences or were passed along to you by parents, relatives, teachers, and others who influenced your early years. I guess my fear for the Isuzu lorry, the Caterpillar and The Brothers of Destruction was caused by the ‘horrifying’ influence they had on my childhood.

Fear is an individual’s greatest enemy. It is behind failure, sickness, and bad human relation. Millions of people are afraid of the past, the future, old age, insanity, and death. But behold! Remember, fear is of only two types – normal and abnormal.

One of the greatest ways of facing your fears is putting into practice the Law of Substitution. The next time you find yourself beset with an abnormal fear, you should make it a point to move mentally in the opposite. Simply put, if you fall sick – desire health, if you are afraid of failure – give attention to success. Remaining in the deep end of fear will only make you suffer stagnation not forgetting the accompanying mental and physical deterioration. We are always reminded that if we want to overcome the fear of failure then our dreams and desire for success should surpass the fear of failure.

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Look at your fears. Subject them to the light of reason. Moreover, learn to laugh at your fears. As they say, laughter is the best medicine. I must say that laughing at the design of the Isuzu lorry made me overcome my fear of it. You will agree with me that the design of this lorry is kind of funny. What made me overcome my fear of the lorry with finality was that one evening as my brother and I were walking home from school, we were given a free ride.

The driver’s name was Boy, a dealer in sand and ballast. I remember when I alighted upon reaching my destination he said,

Enda ambia mama ni Boy amekupea lift leo.”

I did as I was told and since then, well, I must say I intend to acquire the old model Isuzu lorry and probably join the construction business.

So the next time you spot a rugged old model Isuzu lorry loaded with heavy building and construction materials, with its engine chiming accompanied by ungovernable coughs similar to those of a patient suffering from a cold, as it ‘struggles’ to drive by, acknowledge it! It is simply one of the best inventions ever in the automobile world.

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  1. @jjngetich yes indeed, fear is just a state of the mind, @panipaq we should always heed lessons of failure as they are usually one of the building blocks of our dreams

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