#TBT: When Ogopa and Calif ruled…..

The year is 2002, a time when Kenyans unanimously decided to remove the old regime. It was a wave of change. Kenyans wanted a new way of life. They voted for the National Alliance Rainbow Coalition. Who remembers unbwogable? The song became NARC’s anthem. Kenyans sang the song on their way to make a change. […]

#TBT: When buying fudge and mintchoc meant you were cool…

“You shall not steal.” (Exo 20:15, NIV). That is the 8th commandment that God gave to the Israelites as they crossed the desert on their way to the Promised Land. This commandment has set precedence to the way in which we should all live today. Today being a Thursday, I would like to share a […]