Execution Wow! It’s been a while! First things first, Happy New Year and Happy New Month! Away from the niceties and into the central theme of this article. So, today I would like to handle a critical matter, that is, execution. I felt the urge to begin my writing this year with an important subject […]


Hiatus Wow! Just wow! What a while it has been! Sincerely, I missed blogging. It has almost been a year since I last composed a blog post (314 days to be precise). Well, I attribute it to a hiatus, a hiatus pegged with many factors: work, travel, reading, business, and worse of it all – […]

Aug 30: I COUNT my BLESSINGS everyday..

I COUNT MY BLESSINGS EVERYDAY. I count my blessings every day. I realize how fortunate I am. I do not take anything for granted. I am richly blessed and I am thankful for this fact. I reject self-pity and refuse to grumble about my lot in life. Things are going great with me. Victor Kanyanga

Aug 29: I don’t mind paying the price…

I DON’T MIND PAYING THE PRICE. I don’t mind paying the price for success. I know that to achieve much, one must pay much. I am willing to make sacrifices in order to see my dreams come true. I accept the principle of delayed gratification. I don’t need ‘instant’ anything. I can handle paying now […]


I CHOOSE YES! YES! LIVING. I choose Yes!Yes! instead of No! No! living. I am an eternal optimist. I refuse to dwell on the negatives in life. I choose to see the bright side of life today. I choose to accentuate the positive. This optimism makes me attractive to those around me. Everyone around me […]


I’LL TREAT MYSELF. I’ll treat myself to something special today. I value myself enough to do nice things for myself. Self-denial is great when used for the sake of others, but never as a reflection of my worth. Therefore, I will do something pleasurable just for me. Victor Kanyanga

Aug 26: I am a WORTHWHILE person..

  I’M A WORTHWHILE PERSON. I have a strong sense of worth and it is so regardless of what anyone says about me, thinks of me or does to me. I am carefully and wonderfully created. I am free from the desperate need for approval. I am of worth. Period. I matter. Remember: Image Credits: […]


I INVEST IN MYSELF. I am worth it. My personal development is very important in my life. Unlike the masses, I do not quiver at the thought of monetary or time investments. I can handle the investment phase in order to reap the benefit phase later. Like a champion athlete who trains relentlessly, I too, […]


THERE ARE NO PROBLEMS. There are no problems, only a shortage of ideas. I refuse to look at obstacles as problems. I am solution-oriented not problem-oriented. I am a creative person, therefore ingenious concepts come to me to remove all success blockers. For me, the issue is ideas, not problems. Victor Kanyanga

Aug 23: I am a GIVER

I AM A GIVER. I give to others that which I have abundantly received. To keep what I have I must give it away. I am a grateful person. I have received much in life and will now pass some of it back to others. Victor Kanyanga