Second Half.

It is a new month. A new month to many usually marks another moment to turn over a new leaf in the event that the previous month turned out to be hell. To some, it is their birthday month, a month for them to grow a year older and wiser. Whatever your view of a […]

Be You…..

Currently, planet earth has an approximate population of 6 billion human beings. God created each one of us differently. We have black, brown, hazel, chocolate, white, orange, yellow coloured people. I’m not separating on the basis of colour, but I‘m trying to show just how different we are, with a basic clear example. Inside each […]

Happy New Month!

Happy New Month! The first half of the year is really coming to a close. This month marks the last month of the first half of the year 2016. For the football lovers, Euro 2016 will be kicking off in France in the course of this month. Well, that is just one of the major […]