Execution Wow! It’s been a while! First things first, Happy New Year and Happy New Month! Away from the niceties and into the central theme of this article. So, today I would like to handle a critical matter, that is, execution. I felt the urge to begin my writing this year with an important subject […]


Lazylog. That is the word that we coined together with the milk bar owner. It is a term we formed to refer to individuals who found it hard to own and clean a milk container. It is funny how we came up with the word. Remember 2012-13 when the current Kenyan regime used to refer […]

Keep your thoughts REAL…

If you let your mind wander too much, it can wander to some very dark places. Your thoughts can get so far away from reality that your life is impaired. Yes, keep your mind open, let it run full throttle. But keep it in the pavement of reality. You can literally think anything you choose […]

Rules of LIFE

Make peace with your past so it won’t disturb your future. What other people think of you is none of your business. The only person in charge of your happiness is you. Don’t compare your life to others, comparison is the thief of joy. Time heals almost everything. Give it time. Stop thinking so much. […]

Deal with Clients….

I found the following case below interesting and worth sharing: If your boss paid you 30,000 every month and you saved all that money without touching a coin, you would need to work for 36 months to get 1million. But if you convinced an organization like The UN to give you a printing job for […]