Execution Wow! It’s been a while! First things first, Happy New Year and Happy New Month! Away from the niceties and into the central theme of this article. So, today I would like to handle a critical matter, that is, execution. I felt the urge to begin my writing this year with an important subject […]


Hiatus Wow! Just wow! What a while it has been! Sincerely, I missed blogging. It has almost been a year since I last composed a blog post (314 days to be precise). Well, I attribute it to a hiatus, a hiatus pegged with many factors: work, travel, reading, business, and worse of it all – […]

Almost doesn’t count…

Almost doesn’t count… “……….Here’s a little song I wrote You might want to sing it note for note Don’t worry, be happy In every life we have some trouble When you worry you make it double Don’t worry, be happy………….” The above is the opening verse to Bobby Mcferrin’s song titled, “Don’t worry, be happy.” […]

Almost doesn’t count…

Almost doesn’t count… “…..Almost made you love me, almost made you cry Almost made you happy, baby, didn’t I, didn’t I? You almost had me thinking you were turned around But everybody knows, almost doesn’t count……” The above is the opening verse to Brandy’s song titled “Almost doesn’t count.” PHASE I: Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016. […]

Is this the best career advice ever?

So you are out of high school and you cannot wait to join campus and pursue a course that will land you in your dream career. Or probably you are out of campus and are busy paper chasing as you try to get that dream job. You probably want to make the best out of […]