We have all experienced moments in life when we are so low such that there is just a weak fence that separates us from going into depression. During this moment, it is common to find many people if not all, experiencing a sudden change in their character. It is during this time that majority remember God and prayer. One will be willing to do anything that will go a long way in helping him/her overcome the problem at hand. This may seem normal since the Lord is the provider of life. As a matter of fact, one artiste sang:

”….Eh Baba nikupe nini na yote ni mali yako….
…..uhai umenipa na yote ni mali yako….
…..afya umenipa na yote ni mali yako…..
…..chakula umenipa na yote ni mali yako….”

  (”…Eh Heavenly Father what should I give you and it all belongs to you
…..you have given me life and it all belongs to you……
…..you have given me health and it all belongs to you…..
…..you have given me food and it all belongs to you…..”)

Hitting a rock bottom most of the times serves to remind us that we have a Father who sees our pain and is always there for us from season to season.

I happened to take a course in campus where I got examined in organization behavior as one of the units. It is prudent for us to be proactive in everything we do.  In this unit, I got to learn of proactive behavior where it involves acting in advance of a future situation rather than just reacting. The key term here is acting in advance. A proactive person will, therefore, note trouble from miles away and develop mechanisms to alleviate it even before it occurs. Hence, it is prudent for us to be proactive in everything we do, that is, doing things without the need to be asked or forced to do so.


In the past weekend, our plot experienced a water outage. This was after the main pipe that serves our area and its environs experienced a burst. It was the first time since my friends and I moved in the plot that such an outage occured.  Life in this new neighbourhood seemed all rosy till when we experienced the water outage. You all know how hard life can be when you live in a house with insufficient or no water supply.

It was during this situation that it hit all of us that we had failed to be proactive. If only we had stocked up water when it was in plenty would we have avoided such kind of suffering. We suddenly became reactive. The first step was buying clean drinking water, a water bucket and a 70-litre water drum for water storage purposes. The next step was looking for a water vendor to bring us two containers of water to cover us at least for the night.


Unfortunately, it was late in the evening and finding a water vendor who would be willing to bring us water by then was close to impossible. It was not until when we sought the help of a neighbour that we were given water enough to cater for our cooking needs. I must say that this experience helped me learn two important lessons in life. The first lesson is being proactive and the second one is, know thy neighbour.

Stephen R. Covey in his book – which is one of my all time favorites – places being proactive as the first habit of highly effective people. In his book, he tries to explain in simple terms what separates proactive people from reactive people. The weather is the neisame to proactive people. Whether it rains or shines makes no difference to them since they carry their own weather. What drives proactive people is their value to produce good quality work and it should be noted that this factor is not dependent on whether the weather is conducive or not.

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Knowing thy neighbour when you move into a new apartment will bring you out as a proactive being. Few cases of crisis or problems which may force you to seek the help of a neighbour are bound to happen. Taking the worst case scenario, such shortcomings may usually occur in the most unexpected time when you have no one to turn to except your neighbour. He/she may also in one time be low and need your help. Indeed, no man is an island. It is these little acts of helping each other that will add value to humanity and also help you bond strongly with other beings in this journey  of life.

love thy

I would like to share the quote below as I conclude.


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