You can choose to be kind, even when others are not. You can speak truthfully, even when some people seek to deceive.

You can be generous, respectful, polite and positive, no matter how the world responds. You can be joyful without any particular reason.

When wasting time on trivial minutia is the popular thing to do, you can fill your moments with substance. Instead of fighting to prove others wrong, you can listen, learn and understand.

If you want the world to be kind, considerate, honest and sincere, show the world how. Living your value is much more effective than preaching and lecturing about them.

A light in the darkness is always noticed, even when it is not acknowledged. Shine your light often enough, and it cannot help but make a difference.

You have the option to live a good and valuable life every day. Live well, be a persistent positive example, and allow the world to follow along.



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